Friday, May 28, 2010

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Tweety ain't got nothing on.... TWITTER!! @MRSTARCITY...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What Are Tears??

"Tears Are Words The Heart Can't Express"

Monday, May 17, 2010

Tony Presents... "We Got Bars Volume.1"

This was a dope idea thought up by my brother and fellow rapper Tony Polo... He wanted to get some of the homeys together and recreate The 2008 BET Cypher! This freestyle Cypher includes... B.A.M The members are (Tony Polo, Colvand Sneaky Pete) Also there was Scrams, Kay Jay, DopeScienze, Jimmy Page, M@rv3lou$ and my sister who I love sooo much Miss LA "Bitch" No Holly Wood!! The video was shot and directed by my brother... Nunnie!!

These are a few hot lines and quotes Ive heard and like from the cypher in it's correct order!

Kay Jay- Ya fake fellows/ Wit fake Bezels/ Ya level/ Has been reached/ About several/ Years ago... When Mekhi was Othello!

Scramz- Stay fresh to the death/ I'm on my zip lock shit! He also said -Hit the streets so hard/ You can see my footprints!

DopeScienze- I'm on the rise/ On the rise like the rising sun/ Don't be surprise if you find me in front of one!!

M@rv3lou$- Sell bars just like D/ I bring heavy in/ Babyass nigga I cut cord/ Cesarean!!

Sneaky Pete- Life isn't a guarantee/It's a gamble/You got nothing to say/Then can it like Cambells!!

XIAMJIMMY- I was a addict for the fame/I used to ball alot/ Till I got sick of it/ It's Magic in my veins!!

Colv- It's hard to keep with the game/ When ya'll niggaz can't even keep up and score!!

LANoHollyWood- My prophecies is to kill bitches who are plastic/ Pyromaniac Yo Marvy please get my matches!!

TonyPolo- Im the one in the matrix/ Sorrounded by the fakeness/ Battling agents/ Who tried to leave me vacant!!

This cypher looked like niggaz had hella fun!! I missed it but I will be on deck next trip... So click the video and check this shit out for yaself!! Leave a comment! Tell me what you think about it!! Also If you trying to get involded on the next "We Got Bars Volume. 2" Hit up... TonyPolo!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Real Talk With... Mr.StarCity!! Keep Fighting!!!

Being defeated is often some thing... Temporary! Giving up is what makes it... PERMANENT! My Mother once told me... " The worst mistake anyone can make is being too afraid to make... ONE!! Keep fighting bcuz giving up is not an option!

It's About That Time....

Aiite... It's 6:37 pm and I haven't slept since... Yesterday! Ya wanna know why? Becuz I'm never not working or lurking!! This is what makes you "The Dream" and not the.... "Dreamer"!!!

Don't get caught sleeping on the job... Bcuz you can dream all day but you have to be awake to make them dreams come... TRUE!!

Have You Heard This One Before????

Tweet Of The Day... Follow Me... @MrStarCity!!!

The hardest thing in life is knowing.....
Which bridges to... Cross, and

Which bridges to... BURN!!! -@MRSTARCITY

Real Talk With... Mr.StarCity!!!

It's funny how we ignore those that want us...

Want those who ignore us....

Love those who hurt us...

And hurt those who love us...

But know this... God will fix your broken heart if you give him all the... PIECES!!

SMMFH!! Pinky... You Know Dat Ain't Right!!

Yo Pinky stay fuckin up a porno with those... MIDGET ARMS! Them shits spooky than a... MUFUKA! The other week I woke up from a nightmare starring Pinky and those... MIDGET ASS ARMS! Now I can't even dream about the... PUSSY! Smh.. "This Bitch... Know Dat Ain't Right"!!! Ps... She do got a FAT ASS thou!! ;)

Am I My Brothers Keeper???

YES I AM................................!

Self Love... We All Needs It!!!

I Love Being... ME!! Some people need to do the same!!

Hey.... Babes!!

Dear Summer, You gonna have to tell a couple of deez niggaz to lose ya number!! So... Now that I have your attention, I just wanna say...

Welcome to StarCity!!!!

Words Of Wisdom With... Mr.StarCity.

Self-discipline begins with the mastery of your... THOUGHTS. If you can't control what you think... You can't control what you... DO!

Can I Live???? Damn!!!!

Don't you hate when people say... "You can't have your cake and eat it too" Fuck am I holding this plate for then??... Wack ass party!!!

I'm Sorry But.....

I have the tendency to punch bad ass kids in their ribs when their parents ain't lookin... Its your word against mine lil... HOMEY!!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Now Playing: Lil B- Dangerous Minds 2010!

They put me in a cage with others/ treat me like a man

Probation scams/ Wake up/ We only live one time/ Crime is past tense

The youth looking to us for a way to live/ I'll rather speak real/ Than fake how I live/ The younger people need you/ Super heroes are real/

Take advantage/ No super powers/ Just super humans/ Talents we acquire from

Travel, Distance, Living, Seeing , Believing, Teaching, Reading,

Understand if you love single handed/ And spread it faster than gossip/ Dangerous minds a have em scared/

Outlooks, Notebook, Microsoft Macbooks all stacked up/ The people holding knowledge/ No chairs, No College/ I walk around life honest

Guaranteed/ When I rise my hand I get pick/ Nobody can/ Nobody can say sit down/ I live my life positive as I can/ Earth teaches I raise my hand I'm picked!

Let Me Live... Dangerous Minds 2010- Lil B... Last Verse!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Friday, May 7, 2010

Crack Distribution Radio And Rad Out!!!

Shout to the whole Crack Distribution Radio Family!!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

LMAOOOO!!! The Nigga Pass!! Who Wants One??

This shit is Stoooops!!!! Don't you white folks get caught with out one!!!!

Super Human Edition!!! WOW! WOW!!

I will like to introduce ya'll to Damien Walters... This is the Super Humans edition starring a man the police will never catch on a free run... Imagine every nigga from the hood could do this shit!!! That shit a be crazaaaaaaayyyy!! Any way click and enjoy!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

LMAO..... You Look Stupid!!!!!

My brother Roofeeo started a new Tumblr called "You Look Stupid" It's about people who get caught out there doin shit that's well.... STOOPS! So when I came across this video I thought of his Tumblr and said to myself... I might as well join forces with the whole YOU LOOK STUPID movement!!! So here is my version of what he started!!!!