Monday, October 26, 2009

My CMJ Week Re-Cap!!! 2009!!

Let me tell ya'll this week was so fucking hectic and fun at the same time, this was my first time participating in CMJ and it turned out to be a great experience! Here is a few photos of people I've hung out with, performed with, and shared this CMJ week with!! If you never been to a CMJ show case you missed out on great new talent as well as seasoned artist!! LET'S GOOOO!!!

Me and Joya Bravo @

Mixtape Riot! 10.21.09 @ Sutra Lounge - CMJ Edition
I met up with Anton Glamb and Pebbles in front of Skinny's had to hit that open bar before my show!!!

Me and Adam Tensta CMJ 2009 Showcase @ Ella on October 21, 2009 where I was scheduled to also perform with Bad Brillance!!

Here's a video of the Adam Tensta performance!

Cobra Krames was on the decks!!

Bad Brilliance and Nive getting it crazy!!

You already know who that is!! This party got so retarded it was like an early New Year's celebration!!!

As you can see this was a party to remember!!! Especially the part when Bad Brilliance balloon POPPED..... I told you it was like New Years!!

Me and Pusha-T from the group Clipse@
Le Possion Rouge CMJ Showcase with performances by Ninjasonik, Theophilus London, Knaan, and The Clispe.

Then on 10/22 we had the RadOut CMJ Lurk Showcase!! Shout to Anton Glamb for throwing this one together in 2 days!! It was what it was.......RAD!!!


The Beautiful Santhya!

SB, Jah-Jah and Smurfo!

K-Swift and Crosby!!

Seattle Steve!! Arrrrrrrgggggg!!!!!!!
Shout out to all the other homies who was there that I didn't get a chance to get a pic of!!
We still had mad fun that night!! RAD OUT!!!!

Presented by Shameless Management and Karmaloop! Now this party was supposed to have been the best CMJ showcase ever but I guess the name of the party kinda cursed the party, because their was alot of questions being asked at the end of the night like "Who stole the tip jars from the bar"?, Why would some one steal liquor bottles from an OPEN BAR"?, Who the Fuck jumped Ease DaMan"?, And why the show got shut down early for some random ass niggaz ignorance!!! To give Shameless Mgmt credit where its due, they had great intentions for this night and put together an amazing line up! Unfortunately half the acts didn't get to perform including me and my RadOut crew. I still at least got to see two of the acts I am a fan of! Shout out to Beef and Seth for trying to shine some light on some of New Yorks dopest underground acts!! I still enjoyed myself at the end of the day and I'm pretty sure other people did too!


Scotch Davis!! Parading!!

The beautiful ladies!!

MR.WALKINGPARTY Ballons and all!!!!!
CMJ I will see you next year!!!!!


Friday, October 23, 2009

WARNING!!! Facebook is keeping your FACE in their BOOK!!

The title says it all.... Just click!!!

Pass the word!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

50 Cent - Crime Wave Music Video HD

When I first seened this video, I said to myself this dude needs another movie starring him!
He dropped this video in less than 24rs after dropping the song off at the radio station! The boy makes moves! This video takes place in New York where 50 is running around the 5 boroughs collecting money owed to him buy his workers! Anyway check the video out! Oh yeah..... He also did the remix which features Gucci Mane!

CMJ Parties tonight feat MR.STARCITY!!!

Tobias Jones.

this guy is rad as hell. i know most of you wont, but you should check out his website.

here is a small sample of what this guy is made of.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Frank 151 @ SOUTHPAW CMJ Showcase

Well.... I got to this showcase pretty late.. Truthfully really really late! But i did get to run into a few good friends and made some new friends.

Wiz Khalifa - New friend

Lord Jamal is an old friend of mine he actually helped me on my first albums.
The whole Brand Nubian was there but i missed their show!

I havent seen this guy U-GOD since we toured together in 2000.

Good old friends

SpankRock, Roofeo & me

These are a few poeple that were at the show. Jasmine Solano also performed, missed that as well but i heard it was a great show!!

Baby by 50?????

I loveeeeeeeee 50 cent.....I could get arrested in many states for the things I would like to do him!!! That smile melts my heart everytime!! But this song is the biggest piece of shit I've ever heard come outta his mouth!!

Saying that.....I would still have your babies anyday fifty!!

Check out DJ Teenwolf's remix.... Baby By Me (DJ Teenwolf Ninjasonik Blend)


Advise From Mr.StarCity....

The blows that hurt us the most come from our own fists. Self-doubt and self-hatred — these are our biggest opponents in life. Do me a favor and don't fight yourself through LIFE!
The way I see it is YOU cannot beat YOUR self! That is what I call a LOSE LOSE situation!
So if you want to be a SUCCESS think of YOURSELF as a SUCCESS, then and only then you
will become SUCCESSFUL!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dear Beyonce, look what youve done!

These girls are SEVEN years old. envy much??

Is This Dude Serious!!?? LMAO!!

Check this dude out trying to give tips on how to get girls in the mood. But the funny thing is he's using racial discrimination to do it! It was funny but not that funny...Ya know? Kinda like a weird funny! But picture me taking advice from a nigga with a baby ass 90210 chain on!!


Rocksmith In “The Sway Kids” Episode 003 by TONE

I woke up this morning to check out ROCKSMITH and i found myself on the front page of their site!! Shout out to ROCKSMITH and TONE! This is dope!

If you live in NYC, you’ve probably been to Sway, home of the downtown party scene and popular club night, Electric Punany. For those of you who haven’t been, TONE has created a real life series documenting the many stories outside the bar. Don’t miss Episodes 1-3 and shouts to Star City for holdin’ us down in the Notorious 81 tee.

Watch the Episode 3 of The Sway Kids here

Visit Star City’s Myspace here

Pick up the Notorious 81 tee on Karmaloop

MrStarCity does ROCKSMITH Fall / Holliday 09 Photoshoot

and a sneaky behind the scene pic by me....

Check out the complete ROCKSMITH Fall Collection here

Two Finger Rings and Gold Teeth, and Ain't Afraid to Hold Heat...

Vampires are once again dominating popular culture....and to be honest i couldnt be happier. Since Anne Rice's bestselling book, Interview with a Vampire, vampires have been more idealized. TV shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and now the hit series, Twilight have given vampires a romantic twist. True Blood on HBO and Vampire Diaries on WB only solidify that we have become a nation of vampire lovers.

So its no surprise the world of fashion has followed this latest craze...


Karen Walker Australia

Bittersweets NYC

True Blood Jewelery

Personal fave...the two finger "vampire love" ring from VERAMEAT.....i have it and its dope as shit!


Drunkest Man Alive....

The bar has officially been raised.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Radical Outing is NYC’s premier party rocking crew.

Originally throwing loft and warehouse parties in the Brooklyn underground, Radical Outing has killed clubs and raves from Manhattan to Queens in NYC while individual members have shut it down in Hawaii, LA, London, Tokyo, Montreal and more.

Radical Outing is united by two sects: the Radical Outing DJ division and the Rad Out live set. DJs Anton Glamb, Hiro Tha Jap and Skitsnygg cover all tempos from hip-hop, house and dub-step to club banger electro. Memberz Only, Bad Beginnings, Santhya, Strictly Business and Anton Glamb hold down the Rad Out set with New Age Hip Hop sounds influenced by everything from idm, electronica, punk, dub, rap, ska, jazz, r&b, world music and more.

Totally original music. Totally original vibes.

Radical Outing is the New York City underground sound.

To read more about Radical Outing click here!


98 Moore Was A Night To Remember!!

We party everyday but tonight just had the feeling of something epic! First of all we were going to a party that had some of my favorite DJ's like Roofeeo, DirtyFingaz, and Murdertronics!! All in the same place!! Blaaakaaa!

I wake up, I brush my teeth, I get fresh, then hit the streets!
Ya boy got Biggie on deck!

Colt 45 Baby Bottle Open Bar! Yeeeerp!

The boy Roofeeo has entered the building!!!


Sbeezee was there....

If you wasn't there "FUCK YA LIFE"! You missed out on a surprise performance by me and a night full of LIQUOR, DRUGS, BABES, AND BATHROOMSEX!

Check out all the pics from the night here!


Rocky Business\ Party Video Shoot

Music Video\ Party at Tone's loft in NJ! We are bringing NYC across the river for one night!!! Drinks on us..Trees on us.....just come party and hang at this dope ass spot for a night...Its gonna be fucking Rad... Tone's directing... shit gonna be historic...Brought to you by the good folks of Radical Outing!

Start Time: Friday, October 23, 2009 at 7:00pm

Directions to the location:
Take the NJ Path Train (which is only 1.75)..The path train stops at 33rdst, 23rd, 14th and WTC to HOB stop.

Get off the train.. Make a right on Hudson St. Take Hudson St. Then make a left up North 5th. Take North 5th St make a right on Jefferson St.. till u reach 517 Jefferson St.


Going Noodles Over Some Noodles! LMAO!

Shawty swore on everything he loved those was his noodles, but when his older cousin
didn't give him the noodles he went NOODLES! F this! F that! How the fuck ya'll gon let him TAKE my SHIT! Ya'll some BITCHES! Then the cousin signs off by saying "That's a fat person for you crying over some noodles"! LOL


Mase Gets Diddy To Set Him Free... But Did He Really?

Mase suprises Diddy while he was on live radio and gets him to sign release papers...
But the signature wasn’t on a contract release form… It was on an appearance release form. So what that mean is Diddy is allowing Mase to appear on songs with other artists. THAT'S IT!!! So I guess Mase still has his contractual obligations to Bad Boy and GOD. CHUUUURCH!


What Do You Choose... By The Prince Royal Elite.

I Am The Shit, Or I Aint Shit!
Option A:
Think And Feel Im a King
Option B:
Think And Feel Im a Peasant
Option A.
Think and Feel My Future iz Bright and Prosperous
Option B:
Think and Feel My Future is Bleek and Hopeless
Option A:
Think And Feel Im a Winner
Option B:
Think And Feel Im a Loser
Option A:
Love Myself
Option B:
Hate Myself
Option A:
Always Pick Option A
Option B:
Never Pick Option B

Da Lion of Judah
Prinze Royal Elite
Da Kingz N Da Building

A Tweet To Remember... (via) @Raptastic

In life, people come and go. Some people you have to let go of, not because of something
they did. But simply because their purpose has passed.


Download Ninjasonik: Darth BaƱo Mixtape (Click Here)

Yes! I'm happy to say that my brothers and homies are finally getting the recognition they deserve! Even Mr.West took notice of the Ninjaz and put them on his blog.. Soon the world a be screaming "WHO THA FUCK LET THA NINJAS IN"!!!
Click below to check it out!!


Video: Fredro Starr’s Tales of The Industry (Trailer)

Here is the official trailer to “Fredro Starr’s Tales Of The Industry”. This is an exclusive 12 episode web series starring Fredro Starr.. In it he speaks about his ups and downs of the music industry, beefs and other events he witnessed during his 20 year career in the industry.

I'm not even gonna front after i seened this trailer, ya boy cant wait to see the next one!


Mr.StarCity Loves the kids! LMAO

This baby does the stinky leg like I never seened it done by a kid before!
The babies nowadays can party with the best of them!!

Your thoughts???