Thursday, April 29, 2010

RockSmithTokyo Meets Radical Outing!!!!

This PhotoShoot was one of the best times Ive ever had in the day light!!
Shout out to the whole RockSmithTokyo staff.... But an even special shout out goes to Erick for setting not only this photo shoot up but also a radio interview with CDR this same very day!!! I'm glad to see they was even able to get thru this shoot dealing with our retarded asses!!! We all appreciated the love and support that RockSmithTokyo showed us and we will forever do the same!!!

Check out the rest of the photo shoot here on Karmaloop!

I Love The Future! What Up Marv!????

As ya'll know I love my homey's... So I want to introduce ya'll to "M@RV3LOU$" Aka MARVY BABY for the ladies!! This is a new joint he put out just for those who like to roll up and roll out! It's called "Highest High" which he released along side my other brother Scramz and Wes on 4/20 which was a smart move!! All three of these artist's are artist's you should look forward to in the future... Bcuz I AM!!! Now roll up something and click on this shit for your.... HIGHEST HIGH!!!

The GotttttDammm! Of The Week!!


These Are Things We Do!!!

If you see me out... Which most likely you will! Have a drink on me!!
Let's enjoy this life we have... TOGETHER!!! Shout out to the whole Sway family for always making a me and my homey's feel... RIGHT AT HOME!!

Holy Shit!!!

This dude Bugzy really got a halo over his head!! The "Most High God" is with you brother! Shout out to my sister King Texas for the pic... She so goooooood with that camera
, she can turn niggaz into.... ANGELS!!

In Case You Forgot!!!!!

Hi I'm Mr.StarCity!!!!!

Tweets Of Wisdom From @Mr.StarCity!!! -Follow Me!!

If you love someone you would be willing to give up everything for them, but if they loved you back they'd never ask you... TO! -@MRSTARCITY

People in your life are temporary till they make themselves.... PERMANENT!! -@MRSTARCITY

Tough times don't last but tough people... DO! -@MRSTARCITY

If a bird lose a feather does it stop... FLYING?? -@MRSTARCITY

and with that said....

Spread your wings and reach the heights you've always longed for BUT before you do that... Follow Me! -@MRSTARCITY

Damn It Feels Good To Be A Rebel!!!


01 Dada
02 Toe Wop
03 Art School Girls
04 Pic Party (skit)
05 Pic Party
06 Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant
07 Drink N My Ska Step
08 Holla Front
09 All Our Friends
10 Ha Ha Ha
11 No No No
12 Daylight Remix
13 Art School Girls Remix

Yes... My brothers NinjaSonik has released their first album thru Green Owl ... If you don't have it... GO GET IT!!! The shit is..... FIIIIYAAAAAHHH!!!!!!! My brothers are true rebels, they went from being a joke to people to being one of the most spoke about bands in NYC right now!!! If you don't know who the fuck NinjaSonik is you mind as well... KILL YASELF!!! Anyway a week after their release.... MIA dropped her new single "Born Free" and NinjaSonik remixed it the same week like the REBELS they are and invited me and Johnny Nelson along for the... RIOT!!! This shit hits like Chris Brown before the Grammy's!! Click and listen!!!