Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This song is what we call "AUTOMATIC MOSH MUSIC"! A sound created by the under ground New York Lurker crew known as RAD OUT! "GET ACTIVE" is not just a term for raging and crowd surfing anymore. GET ACTIVE IS A LIFESTYLE!! From the minute we wake up, we are FULLY.... ACTIVE!!

This song was Produced by Tao for SkyPager Production and mixed by NinjaSonik's own Dj TeenWolf who when asked to explain this song, had this to say..... "This song is the New New York's Declaration Of Independence. New York rap is dead and its time to GET ACTIVE. Fuck with us now or you'll pay later. Mr.Star City is a beast and he's just one of the animals we are about to unleash upon this planet of hungry music listeners."

This is just one of the many releases to come from Mr.StarCity's up and coming Ep called "Welcome To StarCity"!! Nuff said bitches.... Click and..... GET ACTIVE!!!


SXSW 2010 MrStarcity AntonGlamb at NinjaSonik ranch (Welcome to Starcity) from BARPAN.COM on Vimeo.

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Get Away Car For The Girl Below!!!!

SMMFH!! Who Daughter Is This?? Save The Children!! Please!!

But.... WAIT!!! You gotta peep the porno behind her!!

Don't Take Yourself Too Serious... Ya Wanna Know... WHY? We’re Just An Out Dated Version Of Aliens Called...... HUMANS!!

Shoot The Lazer!!

#TT Tweet Of The Day!!!

#Im10SecondsFrom Saying "Precious running with that BUCKET OF CHICKEN set us back 2000yrs"!! -@WHOISMRSTARCITY

Oh It's Goin Down!!!!

Story Of The Day!!

My question to the niggaz is THIS: Would you rather have sex with: A Midget, A Mute, or a girl without a limb?

I asked that because I want to tell ya'll the story that my man told me today!!

So am I wrong for wanting to tell y'all about the story my man told me about fucking a girl with the DJ Paul arm?

Im'a tell it ANYWAY!!!!!!

Aiite! So I ran into my man after I got off the train he was like "SON...Let me tell you how I fucked this chick with a short arm last night"

..SO I'm like "A short arm? Like that 3-6-Mafia dude?" He Like.. YeeeeahSon JUST like that! But she was BADDDD as shit.

I knew he was gonna say the whole "but she was BADDDD as shit" part!! It's like an automatic excuse to do some fucked up shit... BUT ANYWAY!

He start telling me how she was giving him a handjob and shit, but didnt want her to use the short arm! So he told her switch hands!!

At THIS point... my imagination is going R'TARD... Til this nigga said "I couldn't fuck her doggystyle cause she was off balance!!

Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!! <--That's the first thing I did in this man's face!!! After he said that shit!!!

Me: While LMAO "Off Balance? How was she off balance?" Him: "Son she got a short arm! Its hard to get her from the back if she aint leveled"

So my question again to the NIGGAZ is THIS: Would you rather have sex with: A Midget, A Mute, or a girl without a limb?

I say a mute because..... A mute would take "body language" to another level!!!!
BUT..... midgets do be having fat asses.... So I guess my answer is a.....



SORRY.... BUT!!!

Tweet Of The Day!! Follow Me @MRSTARCITY

I once heard: "A bitch is like a video game.... You play em, You beat it, Then you trade it in for a new 1!" -@MRSTARCITY

What A Happy Human Is Supposed To Look Like!!!

This Is How You Get...... ACTIVE!!

My Best Friend..... JAMESON!!!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Can SomeOne Answer This Question!??

WHO THE FUCK AM..........I?????